Nutrasis can utilize virtual reality technology to make our entire factory visitable online via 360 panorama view, which makes us outstanding among Chinese manufacturers. The idea is to show the cooperative philosophy of Nutrasis, which is always sharing, open, confident and transparent with our clients. And the quality is traceable. Our initial aspiration is to manufacture dietary supplements by implementing pharmaceutical philosophy and to achieve high quality management due to our 25 years' pharmaceutical background.

  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance

Quality Control

We analyze and compare the detection data of suppliers and manufacturers and the sensory comparison of samples to ensure the consistency of raw and auxiliary materials, and carry out third-party detection and monitoring of raw and auxiliary materials from time to time.

From raw materials, intermediate products to finished products, the entire process is strictly inspected. The focus is not only on the content of active ingredients, but also on the content of heavy metals and pesticide residues and other safety indicators to ensure that the product is safe and harmless for long-term use.


Quality Assurance

Nutrasis is open to the public with all its raw materials traceable and producing visible. We are the first factory located in Zhejiang that has a 360° panoramic broadcast system which allows every one to supervise the inside of workshops without entering.

We are equipped with high standard QA Testing Laboratory and Intermediate Control Room which contains HPLC, GC, AAS, DigiPREP TKN Systems, UV spectr-ophotomet -er, disintegration time limit instrument and so on. We could complete 90% of test items, such as microorganisms, heavy metals and active ingredients.

Zhejiang Nutrasis Biotech Co., Ltd.
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